Welcome to Woodenhand Brewery based in Truro Cornwall, we brew exceptional quality cask ales.

The name Woodenhand comes from the "Black Hand" of John Carew of Penwarne, who was the second son of Richard Carew, a wealthy Cornish landowner.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality tasting ales that our produced locally using original brewing methods. All our ales are available to buy in 9 and 18 gallon casks and 500ml bottles in packs of 12.

Fine Cornish Ales

We have 5 Brews which include 4 ales and our newest brew Cornish Gribben.

Our ale brands are live products and are racked into casks, where secondary fermentation takes place, in time to deliver you a perfect pint. Wooden Hand Brewery has a bottling line enabling these cask ales to be enjoyed in perfect condition for up to 6 months after brewing.

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